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NCAA Football: Orange Bowl-Michigan vs Florida State Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The current total—after just one day—for the EDSBS fundraiser for New American Pathways stands at a whopping $34,309.14. That fourteen cents is important, as it was undoubtedly added to remind someone, somewhere, of a time when their football team was embarrassed badly by the donor’s football team.

That’s a lot. It’s also not over, so if you haven’t given, here’s the link. If you have to wait until payday, that’s cool, we’ve been going all week. If you’re a student or can only give like twenty bucks, guess what: THAT IS GREAT. It all helps, and charity isn’t a competition on an individual basis. If it were, Bill Gates would be smoking us all, since he’s basically the Saban-era Alabama Crimson Tide of charitable giving.

If Bill’s reading this, I dunno, give us a million and we’ll promise to not do this for a few months.

In the meantime, remember that this is all a marathon, not a sprint. So: GIVE HERE GIVE HERE GIVE HERE.

The links for the morning are definitely unrelated to refugees in your daily life, and certainly not relevant to college football.

I. Mulbah Car, RB, Houston Cougars

II. Joseph Putu, DB, Florida Gators

Though new challenges await him, Putu’s potential has finally been realized. His mother’s intuition predicted it back in Buduburam. “From the day I was born, she constantly told me I would be the kid to go far and make their dreams come true,” Putu said. “She just knew I’d make the whole family proud. “I’m just happy I can honor her now. This is the life she wanted for me.” (via

III. Pierre Desir, CB, Division II Lindenwood Lions

He’s careful to make clear that his rise to professional football could not have happened without others. Those include his parents, who worked so much that Pierre recalls days going by during his childhood when he didn’t see either one of them. “It’s something they had to do. That’s why I work hard.” (via

IV. Mustafa Khaleefah, OT, committed to Michigan State Spartans

It seems like a lifetime ago that Khaleefah was watching that policeman being murdered in front of his house. Since then, Khaleefah has gone from not knowing how to speak English and having no idea what American football was to earning a scholarship to Michigan State after only two years of organized football. “It has been some journey,” he said, shaking his head. “Basically, it was hard work and dedication. I think that if you work hard, nothing can stop you.” (via Detroit Free Press)

V. Youhanna Ghaifan, DT, Wyoming Cowboys

“It’s always fun to see different characters and different places where they’ve come from and you always want to like ask them, you know, ‘Where have you been? What have you been doing?” (via Casper Star-Tribune)

VI. Dat Nguyen, LB, Texas A&M, Dallas Cowboys, College Football Hall of Fame

“Dad, mom (who was six months pregnant with me) and my five siblings left our home to pursue freedom in the United States. Listening to the stories my brother and sisters told about how they were hearing bombs going off not too far from the route through the woods to the boat was unbelievable. This might be where my perseverance comes from.” (via Asia Society)

VII. Amara Darboh, WR, Michigan Wolverines

The oath followed, with dozens of right hands aloft, committed to support and defend the United States Constitution and laws and to perform in combat, if required by law.

"I take this obligation freely and without mental reservation," they concluded. "So help me God."

Despite the pomp and circumstance, Darboh said afterward, "I feel the same." For 14 years, he has felt like an American. Now, legally, he was one. (via Detroit Free Press)

Detroit Free Press/Gannett

It’s not EDSBS Charity Bowl Season yet, but New American Pathways accepts donations, and needs your support, in every season.