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Arizona v Oregon Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Vine goes dark tomorrow. Before it does, we remind you that every medium, intentionally or not, only covers a sliver of reality. Our brains themselves are one, a limited window into a limitless world, capable of only showing so many colors, seeing only so many of the unlit corners of the world, of only devising so many plays capable of beating a Cover 2 in the red zone. The brain is like most apps: it’s bad, you rarely update it out of laziness, and unfortunately there isn’t a better version of it laying around.

Vine, a product of a few of those flawed, very human brains, was another. As limited as it was, Vine was unequalled as a tool for highlighting the spectacular, the absurd, or the baldfacedly stupid parts of our fair sport. In fact, at its best it could summarize an entire universe in a single instant.

For instance: What better to summarize the stupor of watching a Pac-12 night game than this slice of reality looped over and over again, with a clearly lost and possibly stroke-having Pac-12 official yelling out PREVIOUS! to a baffled audience. We’ll miss it, for both this, and for the moments when someone could cut a perfect slice of insanity out of an otherwise bland layer cake of boredom.

P.S. Maybe, in the midst of a bunch of alarm bells about the decline of the Oregon football program, losing to Arizona at home might have been a really loud one? When you had Marcus Mariota in the midst of one of the greatest statistical seasons in the history of the position? That might have been a sign that things weren’t going well? It’s fun to say this now, that we can be 100% right in pointing this out.

P.P.S. Hey, that rebuilding effort at Oregon is off to a GREAT start.