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A relaxed Papa John welcomes you to the podcast

Week three is full of extremely random but extremely good games, so most of this podcast is actually taken up by football talk. Like, at least 51% of the podcast, a new record for the Shutdown Fullcast.


  • A warm-up on light regional accents, including the unbelievable Pittsburgh accent and a quick review of how delightfully ironic it is when people from Wisconsin call you a hick
  • We swear we'll tell you the one thing Bama needs to do to beat Ole Miss, but first we talk about Houston going on the road to play Cincy. Delicious platelet-rich plasma shots for everyone
  • Miami/App State, per ESPN's ticket index, is the second most expensive ticket in the nation right now. KIDD BREWER STADIUM, HOME OF ARISTOCRATS AND TYCOONS
  • All three of us foolishly talking ourselves into Louisville beating Florida State
  • At least ten minutes of conversation about Papa John, aka John Schnatter, aka Big Daddy Garlic Bowls, aka The Worst Commercial Actor and Brand Presence Ever
  • Oklahoma hosting Ohio State, or how that really shouldn't be a close game if we're all being honest about Oklahoma at this point versus the monster Ohio State should, in theory, have (In theory)
  • Anxiety Week in the SEC West! Someone's getting fired and everything is bad. Ooh, and Georgia plays Mizzou, a game no one should watch, at all
  • Pitt plays at Okie State, for some reason
  • Finally, we reveal the secret to Alabama beating Ole Miss

Listen in the embedded player up there, download directly here, or simply subscribe on iTunes where you will leave a review saying how much you hate us for bringing the “Go Big Papa” song back into your life.