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Guests join us to review exactly how wrong we already are about the 2016 football season

Van Morrison performing his best song in his best fat man velour jumpsuit

The fire code gets tossed out the window on this episode, with special guests Bill Connelly (Podcast Ain't Played Nobody), Dan Rubenstein (The Solid Verbal), Bud Elliott (Tomahawk Nation), and Brian Floyd (Lost in the Upside Down). This ragtag crew is faced with the task of:

  • Figuring out what the hell we did with those season predictions, and why
  • Selecting the most generic FBS school
  • Threatening to murder turn of the century German teens
  • Identifying the worst conference game of 2016
  • Picking the teams that will go from great to trash and vice versa this season
  • Failing to know the best Van Morrison song

It's...surprisingly coherent? Sure, let's go with that. Listen in the embedded player below, download directly here, or subscribe on iTunes or Google Play or whatever your subscription service of choice is here. For just $79.00 a month, we’ll even put it on a cassette tape and send it to you. (Ryan, you’re doing this.)

OH AND ALSO: here is a comprehensive list of charities you can donate to in order to assist the victims of flooding in Louisiana, something you should absolutely do today.