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Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images


1. I don't get it.

2. Still don't get it, not seeing it.

3. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Oh my god. Okay that's bad.

4. This is like one of those kids' museum optical illusions/visual riddles/tests they have in that big room they always have in kids museums. There's like a coil that alternates hot and cold water that makes your brain think your hand is getting burnt. There might be a few refraction experiments, and one tornado that used to work but no longer does even though there's no sign saying it's broken. There might be a poorly grounded Van de Graaff generator capable of shocking the shit out of every fourth kid who touches it with just the wrong arrangement of ungrounded limbs. THAT room. There's definitely one of these in a kids' science museum somewhere, maybe even in the Birmingham kids' science museum funded by a company whose companies amass more industrial accidents than all of their competitors combined.

5. It also reminds me that this sign happened in 2014.

Ole Miss Alabama Backwards

...which represents my favorite aspect of college football trash talk: one place not substantially above or too far below the other in terms of living standards slandering another. Look at the dude in the foreground. He seems to regret this ever happened even as its happening. There needs to be a word for this: Pregret, the regret you feel about something happening even before and/or as it is happening. Use that in a sentence please? Sure: "I heard Treon Harris is your starter for the bowl game, and experienced a deep pang of pregret at the very sound of his name."

6. Then again, Ole Miss beat both Auburn and Alabama in 2015. If this implies ownership of both logos, then the shirt's done it's job accurately and viciously. Well struck, accidental geniuses of the t-shirt business. This may be the best Ole Miss shirt ever.