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Jim Harbaugh is weird. This is established fact. Whether you associate weird with being either good or bad is entirely up to you, but the man is peculiar as hell. His specific set of peculiarities have helped him become a highly successful football coach, which is probably a better outcome than him getting really into chemistry as a teenager and becoming a comic book villain that blows up half a city.

It's Harbaugh's starched collar variety of insanity that makes his new habit of wearing jerseys of famous local athletes at satellite camps so weird. It's so silly, but obviously calculated to maximize the amount of attention he gets for Michigan while they're out running the countryside and making sports talk radio callers irate. I mean, the man's been spotted in the wild wearing an Allen Iverson jersey, but still manages to tuck it into his military surplus khakis that came in a 25 pack at Costco. If Harbaugh can ever get a player named Kirkland, he'll be unstoppable.

What jerseys will Harbaugh wear on the rest of his camp tour? Only I know!

June 12: Norco, Calif.

The closest city with a professional team is Anaheim, so I'm inclined to take the easy option here and go with Mike Trout. I don't know if he'd ever deem it appropriate to wear a hockey jersey, but a teal and purple Jean-Sebastien Giguere jersey here would POP.

June 13: Houston

I want it to be Dwight Howard so bad, but deep in my heart I know it will be Rudy Tomjanovich. What about Warren Moon? Well what about Webster Slaughter, pal?

June 14: Addison, Texas and Murfreesboro, Tenn.

If he's in Texas, trust Harbaugh to go with the easy Troy Aikman. Personally, I would go Dirk Nowitzk, but Jim and I have had disagreements before.

June 15: Pittsburg, Kan. and Kansas City

Who is the Gorillas most famous football alum? Well, that would be Greatest Punter Of All Time Brian Moorman GO BILLS WOOOO oh God I know so many people who own his jersey unironically.

June 17: Columbia, S.C.

Steve Taneyhill Frankfurt Galaxy jersey. And yes, he'll clip on a ponytail.

June 23: Antioch, Calif.

Since we're in the Bay Area, he won't pass up a chance to needle his former employers by wearing a Raiders jersey. Howie Long is probably the play here.

June 24: Oceanside, Calif.

You already know he's owned a Lance Alworth jersey for years, but I'd give good odds that he switches into a brown and gold Tony Gwynn jersey halfway through.

June 25: Los Angeles

I can't decide between Jerry West and Nick Young, so he'll end the tour with a bang by wearing a split jersey of the two.