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What do you mean by the EDSBS Charity Bowl?

GOOD MORNING WE'RE HAPPY TO EXPLAIN. For a few years now, the EDSBS Commentariat has united under the dual banners of charity and spite to raise money for New American Pathways (formerly Refugee and Resettlement and Immigration Services of Atlanta. Rebranding, y'all!)

What do they do and why should I give them money?

New American Pathways is a non-profit agency in Atlanta created to help refugees find success after resettlement in Georgia. (If you need a definition of exactly who a refugee is, look here for starters.) The agency provides a whole range of services to refugees including post-resettlement assistance, education support, and immigration help. You should give them money because this is America, and we help those in need, and because New American Pathways does a very, very good job of doing that.

How much money are we talking for a donation? And in what format?

Whatever you like and can afford, really. Last year's total ended up somewhere north of $40K, a total that ended up with us getting a tattoo of a Michigan-themed Japanese anime character on the right shoulder. It is the world's most #wellactually Totoro and we are damn proud of it.

Typically, the format is by school and score. So for instance, we're going to give this today in honor of Will Grier's finest moment, and Ole Miss's weirdest one of 2015.


It's very important to list the school, since we tabulate the final scores and award a championship to a school with the most donations at the end of the week.

Who's the reigning champion?


The University of Michigan, now entering year four of total domination. We hope someone will at least push them this year, but the Mighty Maize 'n Blue Money Cannon is a formidable weapon with no visible peer on the horizon. That's fine: you should give anyway, since we enjoy making fun of fanbases who fail to give despite actually living in the area. (Hi, Georgia! If you like, we can postpone any report of your donations for 90 days if it will help you give.)

Did you just trash-talk potential donors?

Hell yes we did. Give spitefully. FSU fans, we better see multiple $27.02 donations in there.

When will you update us on progress?

At the end of every day, usually around six or seven p.m. ET. That includes reporting on the biggest single donors of the day. We usually try to get them something, like a celebrity voicemail or two from a famous alum from their school. We got a Heisman winner to call one big donor last year, which is something that actually happened.

Where's the donation link?

Right here. Right here. Here. HERRRRRRRE. Donate now, donate later, donate yesterday, donate often.

I have other questions.

Cool, email us at spencer at sbnation and we'll be happy to answer them.

What is the fundraising goal, and what will you do for it?

Tentatively? Setting the bar at $40K for [SOMETHING THAT'S SPECTACULAR BUT NOT AN ACTUAL TATTOO ON OUR BODY.] But we promise to a.) make it worth your while and b.) that we'll do it, even if it takes us like eleven months to get around to it.

How are you feeling, btw?

Great. About to raise a large amount of money for a very great cause. We used to work in the refugee community, and still feel a really close attachment to them and the issues surrounding new arrivals to the United States. We also started EDSBS while working there, so we kind of owe them for the distracted bootstrapping that created his here website. The two were linked forever for us anyway, so it's nice to weaponize that guilt/pride and turn it towards a good cause.

Anything else?

GIVE. GIVE NOW. We'll let you know the totals later on today.