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EDSBS has very, very few productive traditions, practices, or habits. In fact, the design of the site from day one has been constructed to prevent that exact thing from happening: productivity, or anything resembling it.

Ironic, then, that this very website will yet again devote next week to donating money to a good cause. For what, like, six years now? (We'll call it six.) For six years or so, the EDSBS commentariat has competed to see what school's alumni can donate the greatest amount of money to New American Pathways, a refugee resettlement organization in Atlanta specializing in helping new arrivals to the United States find employment, housing, education, and everything else they need to succeed in their new home.

Last year's haul came in somewhere over $38K, with Michigan blowing out the competition by delivering $14K all by themselves. In case you don't think we don't live up to our promises, this is Michigan Totoro, who now lives on our upper right arm forever thanks to an ill-advised promise to get a team-themed tattoo if the totals went north of $35K. Which they did. Hi, Totoro.


The competition starts Monday. We have not decided what the promise will be this year, but rest assured it will be for a sum greater than $35K, and will not involve a tattoo. Unless you wanna drop $50K all by yourself to make us get that Woody Hayes back piece you've always wanted someone else to get, in which case we'd really, really have to seriously consider it.

BE ADVISED. And be ready to give on Monday, because title-holders Michigan undoubtedly will.