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We all have regrets. Not breaking up with that horrible boyfriend/girlfriend from college earlier. That time I ordered Chinese food off GrubHub at 2:30 am from the only place that was still open. Going to law school. You know, the usual stuff.

It may not register as a major regret, but it happens to everyone. You're listening to music, and a band you used to like from high school or sometime in the past comes on, and you can't help but think my God, why the hell did I ever like this garbage?

I can't speak to why you bought every Sugar Ray album when you were 14, but we all make mistakes. I took to Twitter the other day and asked for the one band you earnestly liked when you were younger that gives you the most regret now. In the interest of full transparency, I feel a deep pit in my stomach anytime I hear a Sublime song now. I mean, what in the barking hell was I thinking? And I'm not the only person on this website with some regrettable choices.

Let's dig into the rest of the responses.


It's a limited sample size, but Limp Bizkit seems like a perfectly reasonable band to be the most regretted. I mean, hell, I bought their first album and loved it. I can't believe I just admitted that on the internet, but it was 1997, man. Everything was bad.


Other responses can be broken down into some distinct categories.

Swing and Ska

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Cherry Poppin' Daddies. God, I'm looking over my shoulder just writing that to make sure no one saw me. The swing fad was a dark period in our nation's history, and that I have to bring it up troubles me deeply. Let's move on before I'm reminded of dorks wearing zoot sui--awwwwww DAMN IT.

Ska, swing's dorkier, acne-riddled teenage cousin, was also a popular pick here. I will cop to listening to a lot of Reel Big Fish, but Mighty Mighty Bosstones? Mustard Plug? The rot goes all the way to the bottom.

Angsty Pop Punk and 2000s Alt Rock

Good Charlotte, Sum41, Taking Back Sunday, Hoobastank, these are all bad and you should all feel bad.

But some of these bands defy being grouped together, and are odious enough to stand alone on their own grotesque merits.

Dave Matthews Band

I have yet to hear a Dave Matthews song more exciting than a dentist appointment, let alone one that would explain why so many people were so into them. DMB capes are still out there too, driving around in a car that's probably about 10 years old that still has that bizarre dancer logo on the rear window.

Insane Clown Posse

This does not require explanation.

Dropkick Murphys

Over the top faux Irish shouting and gratuitous Boston references. Wow, what a treat. Even if the actual music was good, this band is DOA as a concept.

Okay, your turn. This is a safe space.