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Last week, former Washington quarterback and 2012 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Robert Griffin III signed a free-agent contract with the Cleveland Browns, becoming the 78th [citation needed] signal-caller for the zombie franchise since their "return" in 1999. There's reasons for cautious optimism on both sides - in Cleveland's long struggle to find a competent quarterback, they haven't had a single quarterback who's shown the skills Griffin has at his best. For RG3, it offers a potentially wide-open door to a starting job, after losing his to Kirk Cousins in Washington.

There was another, more intriguing, reason for excitement that many were quick to note, however: pending the status of an appeal for reinstatement from a substance-abuse related suspension, Griffin would be reunited with his Baylor teammate Josh Gordon. The stellar-when-eligible wideout set franchise and league records in his last near-full season of play in 2013, bringing in 1,646 receiving yards off the arms of Brian Hoyer and Brandon Weeden, no less. A return to form for Griffin and Gordon together could be just what the beleaguered franchise needs to turn its fortunes.

"There is a natural connection between RG3 and JG," Baylor's Art Briles told "When you're talking about a quarterback-receiver relationship at the highest level of the game you need a really strong bond and those guys have it. I think it's going to be great for them."

Briles has a point, and when you set aside the fact that Cleveland is the incinerator from Toy Story 3 and it isn't going to work there, it's still a lovely concept that might work elsewhere. In fact, we've got a few other reunions of recent college teammates we'd love to see come to fruition.

MATT STAFFORD + A.J. GREEN (2008 Georgia Bulldogs)

The Detroit quarterback and Cincinnati receiver were only teammates for one season with the Georgia Bulldogs, but it was an immensely productive pairing while it lasted: Green set a number of Georgia freshman records and earned All-SEC honors, Stafford threw for the second-most yards in school history, and the team lived up to its preseason #1 ranking by winning the Capitol One Bowl.

Meanwhile, Stafford's just lost his primary weapon with the Lions after the retirement of Calvin Johnson, and Green deserves better than catching passes from Andy Dalton. It'd be hard to convince either franchise to part with either player, but it'd be tremendously fun if it could happen.

RATING: implausible, but desirable (6/10)

GENO SMITH + TAVON AUSTIN + STEDMAN BAILEY (2011 West Virginia Mountaineers)

The 2011 West Virginia team was a special one, channeling the mad science of coach Dana Holgorsen into one of his most talented groups of players, led by QB Smith and wideouts Austin and Bailey. Smith set school and conference records (and Big East records can never be broken) for passing, and the team capped a 10-3 season with a dominant, jaw-dropping 70-33 win over Clemson in the Orange Bowl.

Since then, Smith has struggled as the on-again-off-again starter for the Jets, while Austin and Bailey have shown steady growth and flashes of brilliance with the St. Louis Rams. Bailey's status remains unclear after an offseason shooting, but we hope the best for him.

Now that the Rams have relocated to Los Angeles, they'll likely be in the market for a quarterback better than last year's Nick Foles/Case Keenum tandem. That may come from the draft, but in the meantime, getting the Mountaineer band back together wouldn't be that hard to pull off, and worth a shot.

RATING: why not, who's gonna stop you? (8/10)

BRANDON WEEDEN + JUSTIN BLACKMON (2011 Oklahoma State Cowboys)

After a blazing finish to their careers with the Cowboys, neither has found sustained success in the NFL. Weeden's true potential (or lack thereof) may never be truly known, having been battered against the shoals of Lake Erie's Factory of Sadness Beach for his first two seasons. Blackmon, meanwhile, showed immense promise as a rookie with the Jaguars, but his career's been derailed by substance abuse and legal troubles.

Maybe neither will recapture the glory of their days in Stillwater, but they'd make an intriguing arena-league or CFL tandem.

RATING: eh who cares if they do though (3/10)


Why do we have let this happen? Why are we, as a civil and just society, letting Mike Mularkey coach Marcus Mariota, and leaving Kelly's best options as Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick?

We deserve better. Mariota deserves better. Kelly doesn't really deserve anything, but he's still better for us when he's fun.

RATING: Find a way, Goodell, and don't come back to me until you have. (7/10)


Two are free agents and one's on a long-term contract.

I drove 1,500 miles to go to the 2010 Sugar Bowl and see the Cincinnati Bearcats play.

These men all belong in jail.