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The following are entries from Les Miles in his personal travel journal during his time in Cuba.

1. Havana. Began our embarkening with Havana. Havana is a city. A city with the want and desire to embrace. The opportunities of the day. Their cars are antiquarian! I had a hot dog. It was a rich and fulfilling hot dog with an bemysteried middle I found quite delicious. A real deliciousness was found here. In Havana.

2. Dolphinarium. Dolphins in a display. Some might call it a "Dolphin Aquarium" but not Cubans. They with a real zest for the abbreviations fortified the phrase into one word and not a vague zone of two words combined. That is why they call it "the Dolphinarium." Dolphins seem cute but one should not place the trust of the moment in them. They live three seconds ahead of the rest of us. If you drive with a dolphin in the front seat and they begin squeaking? You are about to have an accident. Bo Schembechler. He knew this and taught it to me. Saban learned this in a  hard way.

3. El Nicho Waterfalls. The beauty of the water as it failed to deviate from its path and scheduled a collisioning with the earth! There is no word to describe it. It was beautiful.

4. Gran Caverna de Santo Tomas. There wasn't a quarterback in here either. This is a joke for my journalist friends. Whom I aPREEEciate.*

*hammers the second syllable like John Henry himself annihilating a railroad spike

5. Bay of Pigs. Visited at Orgeron's request. Felt history's saturation and considered the lesson of personnel evaluativeness. Ed mostly cried because "nossuh deyain gadda cochon inna da oshun."

6. Pico Turquino. Plane crashed in the Sierra Maestras. Mistakes are easy to spot from the time of now, but I believed Jamarcus Russell to be a capable and cloudworthiable pilot when he was hired. Regrets were felt.

7. Gitmo. A curious hotel of interest to the military. Had a good laugh with the manager about our respective abilities to avoid shutdown. CIA sponsorship of spring game is a promising path to fortuity. In Cuba, we had great enjoyment.