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Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Last night's Grammys were good for lots of people. Those people include Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, Alabama Shakes, Bonnie Raitt, the creators and cast of Hamilton, and people who feel it's important that you know they don't think Hamilton is as good as other people say it is. But, once again, it was not a good night for Rick Neuheisel, college football's driving musical force.

It doesn't have the polish and shine of something heavily produced. It's decidedly uncomplicated music, and nobody's going to compare Neuheisel's voice to any of the true vocal greats. The lyrics don't always fit rhythmically. Consider, however, this partial list of other people who've been given a Grammy at some point:

- The Black Eyed Peas
- Rob Thomas
- Baha Men
- Zach Braff
- Tony Rich
- Hillary Rodham Clinton
- Jamiroquai
- Everlast

That's not meant to throw shade at anyone in particular, only to illustrate that a Grammy is not any kind of Holy Grail. Why can't Neuheisel join their company? The award already looks like a traveling trophy Illinois and Wake Forest exchange to commemorate the Great Endeafening of 1905.

It's not even like he'd be the least qualified Rick to win a Grammy.