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Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

By this point, we're all pretty well acquainted with P.J. Fleck, Western Michigan head coach, intensely positive person, and boat rowing enthusiast. With Signing Day now behind us, this is as close as coaches get to time off, and Fleck took full advantage to go get hitched. This is wonderful, and so is his decision to give us frequent updates from their tropical island nuptials.

This is all very good. It's cold as hell here and seeing love being celebrated in tropical climes makes me happy. Also, Fleck's calm demeanor in the face of such a monumental life event reminds me that my last tweet before getting married was a link to this instagram picture, which was primarily focused on a beer can and my shoes. We all handle pressure differently.

And since this is primarily a fashion webpage, let's talk about Fleck's outfit. The floral burst on the placket is an interesting touch in an otherwise fine but relatively unexciting ensemble. I'm not sure I would've made that choice, but I respect the hell out of his decision. This is the part where we get to his belt. That Hermes belt, assuming it was bought at the suggested retail price, is more expensive than any single piece of clothing I've ever bought. I hope that one day I can make belt money like P.J. Fleck, because friends, family, and complete strangers would never hear the God damn end of it.

At first glance, I thought the gentleman on the far right was Houston Nutt. I know this to be untrue, but the heart knows what the heart wants. And in this case, the heart wants Houston Nutt to be reassuredly nodding at P.J. Fleck during a small and intimate wedding ceremony. "Whaaayll, you're in the circle of excellence now, and shall you remain there forevermore."

What I don't need to wish for, however, is Fleck to still be pushing that RTB during his own wedding day. The man is relentless in pursuit of boat rowing, and I have little doubt that "ROW THE BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (with exactly that many exclamation points) was worked prominently into the vows.

So huzzah for you and your new bride, Coach. May we all row the boat confidently into the future, and with belts that cost as much as a mortgage payment.