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dipset paul johnson

Paul Johnson, who doesn’t care that you’re reading this or we’re writing this, did a pretty long and candid podcast with Jeff Schultz and Zach Klein of the AJC. He doesn’t care about what you say about it, but you should know that it’s pretty raw for any coach’s standards of raw and honest, and contains some prime shit-talking about basically everyone and everything in college football.

For instance:

  • “People say there are great recruiters, this guy’s a great recruiter, that guy’s a great recruiter...the schools sell themselves. When hasn’t Georgia had a top ten recruiting class?”
  • “I was set to hire Ellis Johnson...we didn’t have the money to hire Ellis Johnson. There’s a difference between programs.”
  • This whole bit about how he didn’t even see one of his athletic directors in his office, ever.
  • On Al Groh: “Al’s a brilliant guy, he’s real’s not what you know sometimes, it’s what the players know.”
  • On getting into it with media: “The guys I get in a big a disagreement with, some radio guys, they don’t know me from Adam’s house cat. And then they get personal. But when it comes back on them, they can’t handle it.”
  • George W. Bush would walk into his office just to hang out when he was at Navy!

The best part, though, is a story from his time coaching high school basketball in North Carolina. His squad couldn’t get a call in the paint, and he walked over to talk to the officials, who did not appreciate his input and called a technical foul on him.

Johnson’s reaction:

"You call another tech on me and you'll have to read the papers tomorrow to see who won cause I'm gonna knock you out"

The ref called another technical foul on him, and he had to be “carted out of the gym,” in his words. Paul Johnson then moves on, and definitely does not mention how he was waiting in the parking lot shirtless with a two-by-four with his faithful pitbull, “Dog.”