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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

When Chad Morris left Clemson after the 2014 season, he had to know he was jumping off a pretty excellent ship, even if he didn't foresee the Tigers pillaging through the 2015 schedule on the way to a title game appearance. Chad Morris definitely knew he was jumping onto a particularly leaky boat at SMU; 1-11 is not just a little hiccup, especially when you lose your first four games by a combined score of 12-202. It takes an amazing amount of self-confidence to make that jump. How much confidence?

This much.

Look at the COMMITMENT. This is a man who is pouring everything into these seven seconds of dancing to a song released 12 years ago. Chad Morris is not holding a thing back, immune to your judgment and criticism in this moment. You might look at this and say that it's delusion, not confidence, that has Morris out here dancing in the foyer in his going-to-brunch clothes.

What I am telling you is that the line between delusion and extremely high self-confidence does not exist. Chad Morris is flying on wings made of dance, aimed straight for the Sun. Maybe those wings will melt in the heat and he will come crashing back to Earth. Maybe he will fly through the Sun and emerge on the other side, unscorched and more powerful than other.

Chad Morris believes he can turn SMU into a winner. He believes he can win a spot on the step team no matter how old he is. He believes we can create a broccoli-peanut butter cup hybrid that has all the nutritional benefits of the former and tastes like the latter. Shit, Chad Morris believes he's going to get this win in Week 2 next year.

If you think he's crazy, consider this: it wasn't all that long ago we thought Baylor finishing in the top half of the Big 12 was an impossibility. Then Art Briles told Icarus to run a fly route.