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R.I.P., DAVID BOWIE. The usual routine in the Curious Index is football news first followed by other items of interest, but David Bowie, who passed away at age 69, was never about routine. Part of what made Bowie such an inspiring and fascinating artist was his ability to change and embrace new personae without ever coming off as inauthentic. Ziggy Stardust and the Thin White Duke felt like explorations of a complex, multifaceted person, not masks he hid behind. He was a stark reminder that imagination is not only essential to art, but, more importantly, to empathy.

OH YEAH THAT CHAMPIONSHIP THING. The very last game of the 2015 season is tonight. It will end with either collective acknowledgment that Alabama does this at a higher and more consistent level than any other program or a coronation of Clemson and the first 15-0 season in college football history. Which one we get depends on a) these seven keys to the game and b) whether or not God wants you to be happy.

JIM HARBAUGH VS. THE CITY ZONING BOARD. Jim Harbaugh has reviewed the ordinances and there's nothing that says he can't hold spring practice in your city's park for sixteen days so long as he has the proper permits on file. AND BUDDY, JIM HARBAUGH LOVES GETTING AFTER IT WHEN IT COMES TO FILLING OUT PERMIT PAPERWORK.

ONE INCH MARGINS ON ALL SIDES. That's the standard practice when you're putting together a résumé, though depending on the field in which you're job hunting you may want to get creative with those. This is just a helpful general reminder and not at all a comment directed at James Franklin now that he's lost his defensive coordinator to Tennessee.

P.S. You'll know when I'm quitting.