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INJURIES, INJURIES EVERYWHERE. Compiling the Monday Curious Index is often a somber task because it involves rounding up all the players who are done for an extended period of time due to injury. Week 1 was particularly unkind in this respect. Tarean Folston is done for the Irish after tearing his ACL. Penn State's defense will have to move forward without the contributions of Nyeem Wartman-White. Eddie Vanderdoes suffered a non-contact ACL tear and is also finished for 2015. Taysom Hill's season -- and college football career, probably -- came to an abrupt halt when he fractured his foot against Nebraska. And Clemson's Mike Williams had one of the scariest injuries of the weekend, sustaining a neck fracture when he crashed into the goal post.

In conclusion: way to be a constant disappointment, human body.

CONGRATULATIONS, OHIO STATE. Many of us had questions about whether Ohio State could avenge their sole loss of 2014 on the road tonight. Suspensions to key contributors, a tough road environment, and a potentially nasty Virginia Tech defense seemed like factors that pointed towards a possible upset. But then this happened.

Enjoy winning by 40, Ohio State. Hokie fans can blame whoever let Brad Paisley do this, especially when it leads to a season-long tour of cover songs. You've never heard "Jump Around" until you've heard it by DJ B-Pais, Wisconsin!

GUESS THE STATE. Innocent tourists return to charter bus to find their belongings have been feloniously removed; insurance company will probably be a real dick about it. Did this event happen in

a) Florida
b) Central Florida
c) South Florida
d) North Florida 
e) Georgia (don't pick this answer)

THIS IS HOW IT BEGINS. Drones have the potential to change our world in some very dramatic ways, not all of them beneficial. Take, for instance, this instance of a Kentucky student crashing his drone into Commonwealth Stadium. A simple accident, right? That's exactly what some fan* will claim when he "inadvertently" dive-bombs his drone into a receiver who's just about to catch a deep touchdown and beat his team.

*It's going to be an Alabama fan, and the drone will have his home address on it.

ETC. It's Labor Day, so go enjoy yourselves. We leave you for the day with this, our collective Baton Rouge spirit animal, Petey Pabloing his way out of Tiger Stadium. (Associated Press/Jonathan Bachman)