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New York Times

Three hours in to the first Saturday of the season! How's everyone holding up? Already have a headache and need to lie down? Well too bad, you've got to fight through it, have another beer, and down some biscuits. You need to stay sharp if you're going to make it to the evening's marquee matchup.

(Cincinnati vs. Alabama A&M).

(Editorial oversight is weak on weekends GO BEARCATS.)

You know, much of our shared experience as college football fans, whether in the comments or on Twitter, is reveling in schadenfreude. Washington shanking a late opportunity to win at Boise State last night. Michigan fans oiling themselves up for eight months in anticipation of Thursday night, only to see their team lose to Utah. Noted Paragon of Goodness and Light George O'Leary losing the season opener to freaking FIU.

But as fun as that is, let's step away from gleeful hate for a second. It's beautiful and warm across much of the country today. There's 15 straight hours of football on television. A lot of us don't have to work on Monday, and there's meats-a-smokin' in many of our yards. Schadenfreude's not the obscure, somewhat-untranslatable foreign word we need in our hearts this afternoon. I think I know something that will work, though:

From a NYTimes story this week on ostentatious bat flips in Korean baseball:

In describing swings that produce flips, Choi and many other Koreans invoked the term "shiwonhada" — a feeling without a convenient English translation. Koreans might use it to describe concepts like a cool breeze, a heartwarming stew, an open highway or a smooth golf swing. The bat flip, in this context, might be considered the rough equivalent of a satisfied sigh after a gulp of cold beer.

That's the feeling we're looking for this afternoon. It's washing down a bite of fatty brisket with a cold beer. It's a perfectly executed wheel route. It's mathematically-shockingly-wretched-last-year SMU looking like they're not far off from competence against one of the best teams in the country last night. It's rushing to find what channel CBS Sports Net or Fox Sports 1 is when a wild finish is brewing. It's fat guy touchdowns.

And yeah, it's still George O'Leary losing to FIU. That's just refreshing as hell.