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PAWWWWL HOW WE GONNA CONVINCE THE COMMITTEE WHEN WE CAN'T CONVINCE VEGAS. Georgia hosts Alabama this weekend and, for the first time since 2009, the Crimson Tide are listed as the underdog. Of course, that 2009 game was the SEC Championship, and oh hey look at that 900 comments that just consist of a picture of Tim Tebow crying.

DEVON GALES. Devon Gales, a wide receiver for Southern University, left Saturday's game against Georgia with a serious spinal injury. He's since undergone surgery and reportedly has movement in his upper body. We're hoping he has a swift and successful recovery and that he and his family get all the resources they need in the interim.

FIELD TRIP, PART 1. Peter Berkes went to the Syracuse-LSU game, because who wouldn't love the opportunity to take in the tailgating scene in Baton Rouge? (We refuse to acknowledge that this game took place in upstate New York until proof is provided that this wasn't some green screen bullshit. You look at this picture and tell us there's nothing fishy about it.)

FIELD TRIP, PART 2. Matt Brown spent his Saturday watching Virginia Tech fall to an ECU team that isn't nearly as good as last year's. Fortunately for Hokie fans, they don't play East Carolina in 2021 or after 2025. Unfortunately for Hokie fans, Frank-Beamer-in-a-robot-suit might be coaching the team from 2019 on.

ETC. SuperBoone.