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YOU GUYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYS. We are officially one year away from Tennessee playing Virginia Tech in the middle of a dang racetrack. I feel like we should already be there, camped out in a good spot and roasting a pig or something. HOKIEBIRD PLAY THAT THRASH MUSIC. I SHALL CARRY YOU TO VOLHALLA.

COLLEGE KICKERS. We're pretty much all guilty of taking pleasure at the sight of a place kicker missing some seemingly easy field goal. In fact, some of us (definitely not me, why would you say that) look forward to field goals precisely because they offer so much opportunity for hilarious failure. Guess what: it turns out we're all assholes because most of these kickers are getting basically zero help in practice. This is my favorite excerpt.

Recognizing this is a futile request, the next time a kicker shanks one from 32 yards, let's try to all tweet "COLLEGE SPECIAL TEAMS COACHES" instead.

CAN WE SOMEHOW MAKE IT MORE BEAR. Adidas and UCLA remain a model of sartorial restraint and good taste.

OHIO STATE AIN'T PLAY NOBODY. Bill C. agrees with you; Bill C. would also like to point out that Ohio State is probably good enough that it doesn't matter. So basically you can yell at Bill no matter which side of this question you're on. (And it's his birthday, so you should definitely do that.)

COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS RUINING THE NFL. The continued use of the spread offense and teams that rely on tempo has dried up the NFL's source of ready-to-go quarterbacks. Is this how we eventually destroy pro football from the inside? Yes. Yes, it is.