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Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, this seems like great news.

Nick Chubb need not worry. Schottenheimer has coached under defensive, ball-control head coaches (Jeff Fisher and Rex Ryan), and will not come to Georgia trying to light it up.

"He’s well aware that Chubb’s probably his bread and butter," Rams general manager Les Snead said, adding: "He’ll do some play-action pass."

If you're behind, let us catch you up. Georgia quietly had one of the SEC's most dynamic offenses for the past five years or so thanks to offensive coordinator Mike Bobo suddenly getting really good at his job. They ran the ball plenty, but also passed with lethal efficiency, not just when necessary, but often when Georgia fans thought they would be better off running the ball. (Which was usually anytime Georgia passed the ball, per fans having a 100% preference for the thing the coach is not doing at the moment.)

Bobo left for Colorado State. For one reason or another, Mark Richt hired Brian Schottenheimer to coach the offense next despite his biggest resume line being "coached the offense on Rex Ryan's best team in New York". He's fully poisoned by the NFL, and will use Nick Chubb to space out punts nicely and set the table for Georgia's defense-- which, by all accounts, will be really, really good this year.

This might seem like playing to your strengths, but we'll repeat a few things we cannot say enough or too many times or loudly enough.

First, a bad coordinator hire can screw up things others assume are givens that cannot be screwed up, especially at the college level where talent levels are dramatically inconsistent. Cain't screw up a great running back and a good offensive line, you say. Oh, oh someone can. Someone can screw up any amount of talent, and if you do not believe this watch any of Lane Kiffin's late-era USC teams or Texas' offense under Greg Davis.

Second: coaching ball-control football at the college level and relying on the defense to bail out is a great recipe for losing games 14-10 when one of your DBs gets distracted by a butterfly and lets a receiver get wide open behind them. We know because WE SPENT THE LAST FOUR YEARS WATCHING THIS EXACT CRAP. It's gonna happen, because you can't run low-margin football strategy with college talent that yields high margins of error.

Three: STOP HIRING NFL COACHES TO DO OFFENSIVE THINGS EVER. WE DON'T EVEN CARE IF IT'S THE COACH OF A HATED RIVAL BAD OFFENSE IS HATEFUL TO THE SOUL NO MATTER WHAT JERSEY IT IS WEARING. Additionally, please throw someone out of your office the minute the word "ball control" is mentioned.

Good morning.