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On Thursday, the world learned about the culinary stylings of Iowa defensive lineman Drew Ott. Eating raw eggs may be a bit weird to most poeple, but it's certainly not untrammeled ground. I've been lead to believe all boxers eat loads of uncooked eggs by TV and movies, so I'm sure that's 100% true. However, Ott's culinary peccadillos are a bit more, uhhh, gross than that.

The first eggs eaten by humans millions of years ago were more than likely consumed just like Ott did it, popping it back in one bite like it's nature's Ferrero Rocher, shell and all. Did it make your stomach turn ever so slightly like it did mine? That's how you know it's good! I've watched that clip two or three times and I get the willies from hearing the crunch, but we all know tastes can vary so let's see if maybe this whole egg approach could be the hot new trend in home cuisine.

Here's how you can utilize whole eggs in your cooking at every meal:

The Whole Egg Omelette: You don't need veggies and a protein, just throw a few eggs into the pan like a lonely kid throws baseball's against a wall, and you'll have all the protein you'll need to get your day started right. Did you know the eggshell actually contains most of the protein and nutrients, and the rest of the egg is just cholesterol? It's true! You can definitely believe me, I'm a food uhhh scientist please stop looking it up I SAID STOP---

The Sunrise Burger: Throwing a sunny side up egg on a burger is all the rage, but you can take your presentation game to the next level with this one neat trick! Just prepare the burger as you normally would, and right before serving, carefully balance an egg on it. The crunch and spread of the egg over the sandwich will really take that boring burger to another level. I would strongly advise against trying to cut the egg rather than biting through it, but you may need to dislocate your jaw like a very large snake in order to get your mouth around the entire sandwich. Truly great food is about making some sacrifices, so nobody cares if your jaw hurts or that you want to go home.

Whole Egg Flan: This one may still need some refinement.