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We're not sure. You have a lot of options in life. You can fill out the spreadsheet dutifully every day, and we respect that. Flaubert wanted to erase all traces of his existence that didn't have anything to do with his best writing. That's an impulse we get. To erase everything you left and die, sure of your ability to hide every last shred of mediocrity you left behind. That's a totally understandable impulse.


We also understand how, in the midst of all that drudgery, you could want one-- just one-- moment to scream BULLSHIT. To put on a Max Headroom mask and jack a television signal from the back of a van. To put your hidden message in the middle of miles of code for some lucky programmer to find, notice, and appreciate in the midst of all that boredom. To turn the world into your own video game, and plant an Easter Egg for the people to hunt after in the dullest hours of the day.


Or maybe this is just an appropriate reaction to looking at Wake Forest football's 2014 season again. We hope no one's fired, is what we're saying, because that is accurate. Fuck that shit. Fuck every last bit of it, and fuck it in all caps. It's ACC Media Days this week, and we hope someone shows this to Dave Clawson and asks, "This is accurate, isn't it?" Hell, this random person might have given Wake Forest the motto they need to turn things around and become competitive in the ACC again. Demon Deacon Football '15: FUCK THIS SHIT. It's as good as any other slogan, and decidedly more accurate.

P.S. Good morning

P.P.S Fuck this shit