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Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Amazon's Prime Day was promoted as a one-day sale event meant to rival Black Friday, and, while there are some worthwhile deals to be had, the reviews on Twitter are pretty negative so far. But it's still early, and Amazon's got plenty of time to surprise us. For the college football fan, these are a few of the best discounts available right now:

Technically, it's just two blank DVDs and a handwritten poem from John Marinatto about death and the meaninglessness of love. The rhyming structure is a little jumbled, but it shows some promise.

Perfect for that birthday party for a seven year old you think is kind of a little shit.

Reviews were mixed for this game, in which Batman is called in to Tallahassee to battle a crime wave, but then spends most of his time being mocked on message boards. "BATMAN MUST BE A MIAMI FAN BECAUSE NONE OF THEM HAVE SEEN THERE DAD IN 20 YEARS EITHER."

Texas fan or otherwise, you're going to want to get your hand on Chip Brown's exclusively branded activity tracker - the FitChip. Charge it, sync it to your smartphone, put it on, and almost immediately the FitChip starts making up fitness data for you. Hey, good job! You walked the entire Appalachian Trail today, according to sources!

Seem high.