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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

1. Okay, so this is a stationary target, and maybe not the best example for someone looking to scout a possible tackler. Also we should note that the rapper bodyslammed here, Plies, is like 5'5" and not a very heavy thing. This isn't a man piledriving 2 Chainz or Gucci. Plies could probably be lifted overhead by most reasonably strong people allowed a warm-up, some cooperation from Plies, and a good dip-and-drive before hoisting him skyward. It'd be some work, but you could do it, person of some strength.

2. However, we should also note that this is a football move. Plies played wide receiver for Miami-Ohio in the 1990s under his given name, Nod Washington, and was reasonably productive in 1996. Nod is short for "Algernod," his first name.

3. The coach for that Miami team: Randy Walker, who later went to Northwestern, succeeded Gary Barnett, and kept the program at a relatively successful level given Northwestern's historical miseries and died at 52 after suffering a heart attack in 2006.

3. No, Plies has no idea this is coming. But it is similar to a wide receiver who fails to account for a safety streaking downfield towards them, so not totally dissimilar? Did Plies do this a lot as wide receiver, getting blindsided after running into traffic? This seems like something Plies probably did a lot.

4. But on the football side: no, the gentleman here is not afraid of contact, and clearly doesn't fear his opponent. He has good strength and explodes through the hips well, and finishes the tackle clean to the floor. He also doesn't mind being in the pile, or setting a tone the rest of the team can follow. Our chief reservations? He lacks size, if not height, and doesn't really demonstrate any ability to move laterally here.

5. In conclusion: we'd totally offer this dude a chance to walk-on based on limited film, but would not offer a scholarship.

6. P.S. of course this happened in Tallahassee.

7. Given that this man was not arrested, he might already be a football player.