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The EDSBS Charity Bowl is moving rapidly through the week. Donate here. Or at the bottom of the page. Or at both, we're not really picky.

That photo in the header is of a very young Jehuu Caulcrick, who grew up to be seventeen times bigger than that and play the role of very, very large running back for Michigan State. You may remember him best for his role in inciting the "Make Plays" rant by Mike Valenti, something he did from the bench because, for reasons no man will ever understand, John L. Smith benched him in the second half when he was running pure fury through the Notre Dame defense.

Caulcrick's family left Liberia just before war broke out in 1989-- all of them, that is, except for his father, an official who separated from the family to protect them. Caulcrick found out his dad was dead from reading a newspaper article about a Liberian massacre while waiting for his stateside vaccinations in a doctor's office.

An ESPN spot from 2004 covers it well enough.

Surprise Trev Alberts out of nowhere! Anyway, that's the kind of story refugees have, and the kind of Americans they become, and why we do this every year. It's getting a bit dusty in here. Probably need to spray some hateration into the ozone to lighten things up a bit.


Ahhhh, today's donation felt so good. You lost the game trying to keep Agent Muschamp around and STILL couldn't get it right, UGA.


MICHIGAN IS VERY FAR AHEAD. But not so much as in previous years thanks to some absurd big-ticket donations from Georgia Tech. Michigan's kicked in just over five grand with a whopping 84 donors. About that giant GT giving.

DAMN, GEORGIA TECH. A concerned engineer did the math and dropped A GRAND last night to further widen the gulf between UGA and Tech. We are astonished and pleased and will let you correct our atrocious math anytime, generous Bee people. (But keep at it, this is fun, and rewarding as a grad alum of the North Avenue Trade School for Socially Awkward But Affluent Boys.)

ONE ALABAMA FAN TOOK THIS TO A NEW LEVEL OF SPITE. That donor gave exactly the amount necessary to outpace Auburn, and even called New American Pathways and asked what that number would be. Roll Tide to that.

OHIO STATE WELCOME TO THE PARTY. Eight donations for $654 ain't Michigan, but it is their best performance yet. Keep it up and we'll send you all the black market creatine you can handle, Buckeye donors. (tOSU also had the best total number of donors yesterday.)

GOING TOWARDS THE HALFWAY MARK. And we're at about half of our goal of $30K. That's pretty good, but not enough yet to get the actual mark of a university tattooed on our flesh.

Total totals are below. Give here, give often, and make sure to designate the school and make a creative total.

Designation # of Donations Donation Total
Auburn University 4 212.56
University of Southern Mississippi 1 50
Baylor 1 61.58
Boise State 1 160.49
Bowling Green State University 1 33.28
Case Western Reserve 1 220
Central Michigan University 1 26.36
Clemson University 3 97.38
(The) College of Wililam and Mary 1 16.93
Duke University 1 27.25
Florida State University 2 54
Fresno State 1 25
Georgia Institute of Technology 9 2088.54
Georgia State University 1 50
Grand Valley State University 1 21.17
Hamilton College 1 111.11
Harvard 3 226.24
Indiana University 2 62.54
Iowa State 1 25
Kalamazoo 1 25
Kenyon College 1 159.42
Louisiana Tech University 1 487
Make Spencer Eat Cheese U 2 91.06
Marshall 1 42.27
Miami University (Florida) 1 40
Miami University (Ohio) 1 66.06
Michigan State 5 394.41
Mississippi State 2 75.03
Notre Dame 8 299.28
Ohio State University 8 654.24
Oneida YMCA 1 75
Oregon State University 1 79.3
Penn State University 2 73.14
Texas A & M 10 586.31
Texas Tech 1 39.33
UAB 1 100
University of Alabama 5 345.88
University of Arizona 1 25
University of Arkansas 1 31.07
University of California Los Angeles - UCLA 1 380.2
University of California San Diego - UCSD 1 100
University of Cincinnati 1 24.51
University of Colorado Bolder 1 10.09
University of Florida 5 173.88
University of Georgia 3 603.12
University of Idaho 1 43.42
University of Kentucky 1 60
University of Louisiana Monroe 1 21.14
University of Louisville 1 38.01
University of Maryland 1 20.19
University of Michigan 84 5011.96
University of Minnesota 3 152.28
University of Mississippi - Ole Miss 2 85.51
University of Missouri - Mizzou 2 49.1
University of Nebraska - Lincoln 3 168.65
University of North Carolina 1 31.28
University of North Dakota 1 25
University of Oklahoma 1 84.18
University of Oregon 2 75.66
University of Pittsburgh 3 56.23
University of Rhode Island 1 10
University of South Carolina 2 73.42
University of Southern California 3 150.5
University of Tennessee 2 95.33
University of Texas 3 138.98
University of Utah 1 31.17
University of Virginia 2 47.39
University of Washington 1 13.16
University of Wisconsin 5 248.17
Virginia Tech 4 145.55
Wake Forest University 2 60
West Virginia University 1 75.37
Western Michigan University 1 44.14