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The EDSBS Charity Bowl is on this week. Donate here, donate often.

First of all, say good morning to Rennie Curran, one of our favorite linebackers ever. His parents came from Liberia in the 1980s after war broke out there and left his parents as refugees in the United States. They settled in Georgia, Rennie grew up here, and look at that: that's how you get a first-generation Liberian playing in the defensive front end for the team in Athens. See? That's immigration and humanitarian policy working for your football team.

Second, updates:

  • The current total as of this morning: $11,238 raised for New American Pathways.
  • That total went over $10K last night when a Georgia Tech fan, filled with late-night hatred for his rival, eclipsed the largest donation from a UGA fan and threw down $666.00 to knock the Bulldogs from the throne for the day. AND A HELL OF AN ENGINEER, SIR, tossing a George Godsey-esque late pass to win the day.
  • Michigan predictably went large with 70 donors (SEVENTY!) for a team total of $4326.51 on the day, staking an early lead.
  • Ohio State: do we need to get Eddie George to leave a voicemail for you? Is that what we need here? It's not like Ohio State doesn't do work in the field. Let us know what you need, and we'll provide it because Michigan is just trashing you here, and that can't sit well in any competition with TSUN.
  • Surprise team of the day? Texas A&M, who saw Dat Nguyen and paid tribute with ten donations total. We bark a woof of approval in your direction; consider class dismissed, and enjoy the rest of your day.

Today's donation to get things started shows that you don't have to give big to make a difference. For instance, Will Muschamp football made this tribute to the Tennessee Vols a very affordable one.


Salute to you, 2014 Gator football: you made charity easy in a lot of ways, but still beat the Vols with only a dime.

Donate here and see if we can get us a tattoo of mostly-not-our-choosing. The totals for day one are below, and while you're getting out your credit card you can read this about Nate Boyer, the former long-snapper for Texas who worked with refugees in Sudan.

Designation # of Donations Donation Total
University of Michigan 70 4326.51
Georgia Institute of Technology 6 1008.96
University of Georgia 3 603.12
Texas A & M 10 437.94
University of California Los Angeles - UCLA 1 380.2
Michigan State 2 292.41
Harvard 3 226.24
Auburn University 4 212.56
University of Florida 4 163.79
Kenyon College 1 159.42
University of Nebraska - Lincoln 2 148.65
Notre Dame 4 143
Ohio State University 3 134.69
University of Alabama 4 130.88
Hamilton College 1 111.11
Virginia Tech 3 107.55
University of Texas 2 102.78
University of Minnesota 2 101.14
University of Wisconsin 1 100.11
UAB 1 100
Clemson University 3 97.38
University of Tennessee 2 95.33
University of Southern California 2 84.31
University of Oklahoma 1 84.18
Oregon State University 1 79.3
University of Oregon 2 75.66
West Virginia University 1 75.37
Penn State University 2 73.14
Make Spencer Eat Cheese U 1 66.06
Indiana University 2 62.54
Baylor 1 61.58
Florida State University 2 54
Awaiting Teams 1 50
Georgia State University 1 50
Western Michigan University 1 44.14
University of Idaho 1 43.42
Marshall 1 42.27
Miami University (Florida) 1 40
University of South Carolina 1 35.07
Bowling Green State University 1 33.28
University of Mississippi - Ole Miss 1 31.17
University of Arkansas 1 31.07
University of Pittsburgh 2 30.96
Wake Forest University 1 30
Central Michigan University 1 26.36
Kalamazoo 1 25
University of Arizona 1 25
University of Missouri - Mizzou 1 25
Grand Valley State University 1 21.17
University of Louisiana Monroe 1 21.14
University of Washington 1 13.16
University of Virginia 1 11.07
Mississippi State 1 10.03