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Musical Week at EDSBS draws to a close with a loving tribute to Meredith Wilson and a not-so-loving tribute to Seminole fans. (If you're furious, FSUTwitter, consider that our original plan was to do "Springtime for Fisher" from The Producers.)

We hope you've enjoyed five days of musical theater parody. If you haven't, Spencer's back on Monday.

Seventy-six mad Noles led the big tirade
With a hundred and ten com-ments that weren't kind
They were followed by rows and rows
Of the most annoying bros, oh
The bane of every football fan

Seventy-six mad Noles gloated when they won
With a hundred and ten shitty tweets all combined
There were more than a thousand screeds
Springing up like weeds
Shitty takes of every shape and kind

There were members of fraternities and rich tycoons
Thundering, thundering, "y'all just wanna hate"
Furious alumni spent afternoons
In cocoons, swearing their school was great

If you didn't shower FSU with flattery
"Biased hack, biased hack" every email swore
Bringing up alleged crimes
Or working for the New York Times
Would have them calling you a whore

Seventy-six mad Noles always missed the point
But they finally shut up after the Oregon game
They swore they were back back back
Then they watched Jameis get sacked
Now let's all enjoy it on replay!