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Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

George Whitfield, why are you doing that. It's a broom.  Do you understand anything about cleaning products at all. You are allegedly pretty good at preparing college QBs for the draft and training them but George, George. You don't know what brooms do. You literally have no clue what brooms do or how they work.

George this will get out of hand--


GEORGE IS THAT PLUGGED IN? Jesus, George, stop saying that. A hedge trimmer is not a toy and it is not a defensive end or anything like a defensive end. Defensive ends will not rend flesh! Unless they are Shawn Oakman, and let's be honest even then his teeth won't get very far before he's pulled off of you by teammates. That's dangerous, George. No, we don't care if Trent Dilfer likes it, either. Trent Dilfer thinks quarterbacks are neurosurgeons and licensed to practice in three states. One of those states is South Carolina and George WE CAN'T SAY FOR SURE THIS ISN'T TRUE BECAUSE IT MIGHT BE.

Cleaning products are serious things that should be kept away from children, George. And--


What the holy smoking hell are you doing George. That is a cleaning product and no, no, no, this has nothing to do with football. No, we don't care how many times you yell about keeping a product clean. That is bleach and if you throw it in a quarterback's eyes or mouth it could harm him badly and no, I don't care if Ben Roethlisberger drinks a whole quarter before every game, it's not allowed here. That might fly in Pittsburgh but they put fries on their sandwiches because they are too lazy to wash a plate. Never let Pittsburgh tell you what's safe for human consumption. That's what we're saying here, along with "Please stop throwing bleach at quarterbacks."