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Yesterday, South Carolina football coach/golfing enthusiast/enemy of shirts Steve Spurrier decided to make a very common mistake - he created his own Twitter account. For now, that account has but two tweets, both of which are uncontroversial. Spurrier has more thoughts on social media than he's letting on, of course.

Dealing with the low character limits is a real challenge. Makes me appreciate what Coach Bowden did back in the 90s.

'Course, that's still higher than the word limit for a term paper at UNC.

Our social media guy tells me it's really easy to block people on Twitter, so you know Penn State's o-line didn't invent it.

How come you start out with an egg as your image? They worried people'll forget how many SEC title games Ole Miss has been to?

So a DM's a way to keep something potentially embarrassing from being public. Seems pretty quick to change the Longhorn Network name.

Don't know why Derek Mason got his account verified. Can't imagine there's much money in impersonating a Vanderbilt coach these days.

Will Muschamp had a Tumblr, but he shut it down after a month of screaming "BACK HANDSPRING!" at it without any results.

Some people think anonymity on the Internet encourages antisocial behavior, but Notre Dame's required student names for decades.

Gotta be careful with your private information online, though. Baylor was just trying to help that Nigerian prince when they scheduled him as a non-conference opponent.

Somebody told me Twitter's valued at twenty-three billion dollars, so you know where Coach Saban's gonna visit next time he wants a pay bump from Alabama.

Bill Snyder's gonna be so sad when he finds out Instagram isn't a medicinal powder from his youth.

Net neutrality? Isn't that when LSU pretends to care about its basketball team?

Found out they send all these tweets to the Library of Congress. Finally, someone figured out a way to put Auburn fans near books.

I like how Mark Richt uses his account. Congratulates his players on their accomplishments, encourages people to support other teams at Georgia, and lets everyone know which youth group he's watching the national championship game with.

Dabo's not on Twitter? Welp, guess that means the app isn't available for See 'n Say.

Hope Snapchat has a good lawyer. No way they're not infringing on Bob Stoops's patent for disappearing championship hopes.

Not sure I really understand the favorite button. You're supposed to hire Tommy Tuberville if you want hollow reassurances.

Don't think I'll try Facebook, though. If I want pictures of babies and comments from unembarrassed racists, I'll just go to the Sears Portrait Studio in Birmingham.