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Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Today is November 28, 2015. Over two months ago, we reviewed the investigative report from Rutgers regarding Kyle Flood's improper contact with a professor on behalf of one of his athletes, who was later arrested and kicked off the team in an unrelated incident. Since that report was issued, Rutgers lost to Penn State by 25, beat Indiana and Kansas, hung with Michigan State, got stomped in four straight games, and beat Army by ten.

Their defense ranks below Texas Tech and UCF in yards per play allowed; the FBS teams they've beaten have a combined record of 7-26. Oh, and they're currently losing a game to 2-9 Maryland that they once led by 21 points. The Terps, as of now, have 617 yards of offense on 75 plays.

So what is this a reminder of? A very simple, baffling fact: in a year when so many coaches have been shown the door, Kyle Flood remains gainfully employed.