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John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

THAT IRRELEVANT THING IS. Still irrelevant, but getting closer to relevance. The latest Playoff Committee rankings came out last night, with the top 5 of Clemson/Bama/Ohio State/ND/Iowa all unchanged. In that sense, there's not much to see here, though you could have made an argument for Clemson to drop after struggling a little too long with Syracuse or Bama to rise on the strength of beating a ranked opponent on the road or Ohio State to drop because they got Illinois all over their new shoes. SHOES COST MONEY, MISTER.

If you want things to be angry about, though, the Committee gave them to you further down. Take TCU winning but dropping three spots, for instance. Or Michigan being ahead of a Utah team it lost to. Or Florida being a top 8 team. I don't have a good argument for why this is wrong, but it definitely feels wrong, like eating chocolate chip cookies somebody else's mom made. I bet she used margarine instead of butter. Gross.

LES MILES IS. A) The winningest coach at LSU in the last century, b) one of six active FBS head coaches who's won a national championship, c) apparently coaching for his job according to this report from The Advocate, and d) owed $15 million if he's fired before January 1. Because this is Louisiana, we are sure cooler head will prevoh god they've constructed a robotic tiger and instructed it to go kidnap Urban Meyer.

CHARLIE STRONG IS. Reportedly interested in the Miami opening, which, if true, has the development to destabilize the offseason coaching carousel to the point of complete insanity. For this reason, we are rooting for this wholeheartedly. Show us how many dominoes it takes for Skip Holtz to get the FSU job, and we will topple them HAPPILY.

KEITH MARSHALL IS. Saying goodbye to Georgia after this season rather than pursuing a fifth year. It's been a star-crossed college career for the Bulldog running back who was once portmanteaud with Todd Gurley. We wish him many seasons of NFL success, mostly so Georgia fans can look back and say "DANGIT HOW THE HELL DID WE NOT WIN A TITLE WITH THESE TWO" and then get shushed because they're at church checking their fantasy scores.