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OVERRATED. Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, and Notre Dame, the current top four in the College Football Playoff rankings. Why, you ask, are all these schools undeserving?

Clemson ranks 126th in average punt return at a measly 1.84 yard average. The Tigers have no punt return touchdowns this year. You know who does? Hawaii. And UTEP. And Virginia. If Clemson's not even the best team in its conference on this metric, how the hell can you argue they're the number one team in the nation?

Alabama HAS A LOSS TO A TEAM THAT LOST TO FLORIDA AND ARKANSAS AND MEMPHIS. That means they have transitive losses against their best win (LSU), a .500 Big 12 team (Texas Tech), and a service academy. Completely embarrassing.

Ohio State's red zone touchdown percentage this season? 60.53. That's below Kentucky, USF, and New Mexico, and it's 8th among Big Ten schools. This program can't even live up to one of its primary uniform colors.

Notre Dame's getting credit for going 8-1 with a bunch of injuries. Might as well give Carnival Cruises an extra star on Yelp because they manage to get back to port even though half the passengers get norovirus.

UNDERRATED. THE IOWA MOTHERFUCKIN HAWKEYES, who are in the top 30 in the following categories:

- Yards per play allowed
- Points per game allowed
- 3rd down conversion percentage
- Sacks recorded on defense
- Plays of 10+ yards allowed
- Points scored against North Texas
- Points allowed to Wisconsin
- Position coaches who share a name with former presidential candidates who were assassinated
- Snoop Dogg endorsements

wait what

OVERRATED. Finding new employees. Have you ever been part of the hiring process? It's exhausting. Combing through resumes, coming up with interview questions, trying to figure out if you're accidentally hiring the worst worker in history. Based purely on the logic that hiring people takes a lot of work, I approve of Minnesota's decision to retain Tracy Claeys on a full-time basis.

UNDERRATED. People who get super mad in the comments of an SB Nation Selection Committee post.

Pff. I LEFT a real job for this. And now I'm universally beloved and will never be asked to leave.