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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

OHOHOHOHOHO SAAAAAAARK! USC lost a ghastly game to Washington last night, 17-12, and USC fans are banging on the bars and howling until their lungs dry out that Sark needs to be fired. Lane Kiffin, who lest we forget, was fired by USC on an airport tarmac, was even invoked as better than Sark's bumbling. Honestly, I'm not sure their assessment is particuarly wrong, but I'm just taking a moment to enjoy this obviously bad move turning out in an obviously bad manner. Who, who could have foreseen Steve Sarkisian not being all that great of a head coach! The universe's mysteries confound us!

This is the most I've ever liked Randy Edsall. Unbothered by stories of his impending dismissal as head coach of Maryland, Randy Edsall tweeted through it, quoting Wiz Khalifa*.

WHO DID THIS?????? The statue of RG3 at Baylor was vandalized by purple paint, arranged in what appears to be unintelligible nonsense. This is most likely the work of TCU fans, though there's no evidence concretely connecting anyone with this yet. I don't have to remind you, but vandalizing another school's stuff is, while mostly harmless, still pretty lame. Nearly as lame as TCU fans who got into my mentions on Twitter trying to tell me that maybe it was Kansas State fans SINCE THEY'RE PURPLE TOO, HATER. Or maybe it was some other fans -- MAYBE EVEN BAYLOR FANS -- who are just trying to make TCU look bad.

Makes u think.

Etc. RIP, Paul Prudhomme.

*It doesn't appear to actually be a Wiz Khalifa quote.