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Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

WHERE IS DABO GOING? No one knows. Dabo ran down the hill, and out of the stadium, and toward the horizon like an unleashed spaniel, not knowing where he was going but instead following the wind and the scents and the aimless needle of his internal compass.

He'll return sometime just before dawn, sleep for 20 minutes, and then do this again, because running at full speed down the hill is how Dabo starts every day at Clemson, and how he'll start every day for the rest of his life.

WELL NOW THAT THE YEAR IS A TOTAL DISASTER. Might as well offload Dhaquille "Duke" Williams, the troubled Auburn receiver cut loose by Gus Malzahn yesterday a full month after most people assumed he'd be gone from the team, because sure, you're not going to do anything with 2015 anyway, Auburn. The exact reasons are cloaked in coachspeak like "failed to live up to his responsibilities," which usually means being late all the time, taking plays off, missing class, and generally being a brilliant fuck-up who might be at the wrong school. We hope the following sentence is true: someone will pick him up in a year and get a dangerous, dangerous wide receiver who eventually goes in the NFL draft.

YOU MAY HAVE SUSPECTED FLORIDA BEAT OLE MISS WITH GREAT D-LINE PLAY AND EXCELLENT SECONDARY PLAY. And Team Speed Kills finds that yeah, you're real smart for thinking that.

CHARLIE STRONG IS HAVING A WONDERFUL TIME. If he survives all this, he will officially have the right to call Rasputin a weakling.

BUT IF HE DOESN'T: Well, you know who has ideas for his replacement. We totally bet Will Muschamp left his chew toy in the Texas locker room, and misses it dearly.

HEYYYYYYYYY, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MIZZOU! 25 years ago today, Colorado got five downs to beat you. At home.

If that happened today, it'd mean Big 12 refs would have made a tragic mistake, which...sure, that could happen. That could happen today, and we mean today, when no football is being played at all on a Tuesday.