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Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

WHERE DID ALL THAT BLOOD COME FROM? West Virginia hung tight with TCU all the way through the first half, but two touchdown passes in the first five minutes or so of the third quarter quickly turned the game into yet another night of TCU whipping ass, eventually winning 40-10. Trevone Boykin was unstoppable magic yet again, and he flexed so hard that even Holgo had to recognize his immaculate game.


The bigger takeaway, though, may be that TCU's defense seems to have gotten itself together a little bit. And when your offense hauls ass as ferociously as the Frogs', you don't need that much defensive help to make this work.

BUTTSOregon beat Arizona State in triple overtime 61-55, a game that ended deep in the inky black night here on the One True Coast. Dwayne Stanford hauled in a touchdown on fourth down to force overtime, and stayed in bounds by virtue of landing on his ass. Butts continue to be our nation's most valuable natural resource, and will power our way to a brighter future.

Oh, right, and on the winning touchdown, Bralon Addison's foot kinda sorta seems like it was out of bounds. So what if it was in the middle of the night, Pac-12 refs are here to get their work in.

Meanwhile, North Carolina beat Pitt on the road, and the Tar Heels are 7-1 and 4-0 in the ACC for the first time in damn near two decades. There's a real chance next weekend's game against Duke will feature two ranked teams. What a world.

WHO? Something called a Faton Bauta will start at QB for Georgia when they face Florida in the Cocktail Party tomorrow. Is this some kind of guerilla marketing initiative for the new Star Wars movie? I thought Faton Bauta was the one who got into the lightsaber fight with General Grievous? I gotta go.

BUT I ALREADY PLANNED A LAUNCH PARTY. An ACC Network channel probably won't be hitting the airwaves starting in 2017 as originally planned. Is ESPN broke? Are they just mad the Noles lost? Is Georgia Tech going to get nervous about the money man never coming and jump to the Big Ten? Find out next, on ACC Netwo--- shit.

WOW I CAN'T BELIEVE THE TIDE GOT SCREWED AGAIN. The 2016 SEC schedule was released last night, and wouldn't you know it, every single one of Alabama's opponents next year has a bye week the week before they play the Tide*. Everyone is out to get your team, and nothing is fair. Haters surround us at all times.

Also, Mississippi State is playing AT UMass. I'm going to this game, and I'm going to observe the locals interacting with the visiting fans from the safety of a deer stand. And yes, it's the deer stand I won at an Arkansas State game.

WHEN U CAN'T SEE THESE HATERS. Oregon hid playcalls behind white sheets to keep ASU from stealing signals. I don't care if teams steal signs, but this still hasn't addressed Todd Graham's preponderance of sweatbands.

ETC. John Cena is 38 and can bench press 463 pounds. Which is fine.