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Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

POLLING (POLLING) POLLING DOWN THE RIVER. Take a knee. Let's talk about where the polls stand after Week 7.

- The media and the coaches more or less agree on everything...except what to do with Utah and Michigan State. The coaches say Sparty's a top 4 team, which, um, sure? I guess? The media thinks that distinction should go to the Utes, which I personally find more defensible but rational minds etc.

- Then again, the coaches put Georgia from unranked to number 25 on the strength of a 9-6 home win over Missouri. So, yeah. Fuck the Coaches Poll.

- Your eyes do not deceive you: those are three American Athletic Conference teams in the top 25, two of whom still get to play another Power 5 opponent (Houston vs. Vandy and Temple vs. Notre Dame, both on Halloween). All hail the AAC, which is growing in strength until it demands the ACC's place at the playoff table, which it will accomplish by convincing Florida State to jump conferences.

NO, FOR REAL. I O W A. All kidding aside, there's a very real chance Iowa finishes the regular season 12-0 because oh my the rest of that schedule is pure bunny slope. Nebraska's the biggest hurdle left; you should go find a Nebraska fan and ask them how confident they are that Mike Riley will beat Iowa. Please put on one of those padded suits they use to train police dogs before you do, and maybe bring a fire extinguisher. And keep an ambulance on standby. You know what, just ask them on the phone while you're inside a submarine.

GET YOUR FRESH COACHING RUMORS HERE. October wasn't too early for USC, Maryland, North Texas, or Rutgers, so it's not too early to start the RUMOR MACHINE up. MACK BROWN WANTS THE SOUTH CAROLINA JOB LET'S GET WEIRD.

EVERYONE REMAINS INJURED. Jalen Watts-Jackson, ruiner of Wolverine mirth, is out for the season after fracturing his hip on that final score for Michigan State. Notre Dame loses their 38th starter of the year in left guard Alex Bars, who broke his ankle against USC. And Miami's facing the rest of the year without leading tackler Raphael Kirby. How are you? Feeling ok? Getting enough Vitamin C?