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As you may well know by now, Saturday's scheduled SEC matchup between #7 LSU and South Carolina has been relocated from Columbia to Baton Rouge on account of the former's ongoing recovery efforts following last weekend's historic and devastating rainfalls.

No strangers to weather-related heartache, and being generally among college football's unassailably best people, the Tigers are rolling out the welcome mat for the Gamecocks in this home-game-away-from-home.

As noted in the linked article, LSU will be providing tastes of Williams-Brice such as playing the USC fight song, a pregame Gamecocks hype video, and the traditional playing of South Carolina's state song, "Sandstorm". They're going above and beyond in order to make the displaced USC fans and players feel welcome.

We all know how these things, go, though. [wavy fade-in]

LSU: [just finishing scrubbing the toilet in the guest bathroom]

[doorbell rings]

USCe: HEEEEYYYY thanks for having us!

LSU: Our pleasure, come in, come in, drop your bags, I'll get those for you! How was your trip?

USCe: Oh, you know how air travel is these days. Coach wouldn't take his shoes off at security, then he insisted we listen to Lil' Boosie the whole way here.

LSU: Well, can I get you anything to drink? Did you eat at the airport?

USCe: No, let's go now! I heard y'all got some great restaurants here!

LSU: Yeah, actually, we have-

USCe: Really excited about the Cheesecake Factory

LSU: What

USCe, looking at phone: Metairie's close, right?

[hours later, having just returned from dinner]

[they're just sitting in the living room, quietly staring at each other]

LSU: So... do you want to go eat again, or

USCe: You know I think I'm just going to head upstairs and unpack a few things, check some emails

[two days later]

LSU: So, when did you guys say you were flying back?

USCe: Listen, I have to run out, I'm meeting a friend from law school who lives in town [heading out door] but they're probably going to crash here later if that's cool

[three days later]

USCe: Hey you're out of beer

LSU: [releases Leonard Fournette]

For ways to help the ongoing relief efforts in South Carolina, you can check the resources provided on the Palmetto region Red Cross feed at, or text RedCross to 90999 to donate $10.