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David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

HIS TROPHY CASE GROWS. Bill Snyder thanks you for deeming him worthy of inclusion in the College Football Hall of Fame. It is a slightly greater honor than the Incan throwing axe President Madison gave him for secretly poisoning James Wilkinson, and a slightly lesser honor than the medal he won at the Battle of Sluys.

FLORIDA STATE STILL HAS ITS ENGINE. Though the Seminole winning streak has come to an end, their time amongst the college football elite may not yet be over, thanks to the heart, soul, brains, duodenum, and metatarsals of the team deciding to return rather than take easy (and big) money in the NFL. You will always be the greatest player of this FSU era, Roberto Aguayo.

SHUTDOWN FULLCAST BACK. At least 2/3 of it, except it's called Solid Verbal and it's way more organized and cleaner-sounding than anything we've ever done.

WE MUST APPROACH THIS WITH CAUTION. Urban Meyer is wary of expanding the playoff beyond its current four team setup, a belief I'm confident he would hold just as strongly if, say, Baylor or TCU had gotten the last spot instead of Ohio Stahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

IN THE COMMUNITY. Cardale Jones just came to wish you kids well and wreck your shit in video games.

ETC. Goddammit.