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Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

AND SO THE MUSCHAMP DEBT IS PAID. Georgia indirectly gave Florida an ineffective head coach who could barely make bowl games and broke every meaningful win streak in school history in the bad way. Now, in Brian Schottenheimer, Florida is indirectly giving Georgia an offensive coordinator who comes from this stately coaching tree:

Have fun, guys! Oh, and Brian Schottenheimer looks like Dollar Store Channing Tatum.

BRAVERY COMES IN MANY FORMS. One of them is asking Mark Dantonio to talk about the two teams that beat him this year (and happen to be playing for the national championship) and hoping that he doesn't snap and go Marathon Man on your ass. Just tell him it's safe, man.

PAY THE COST TO BE THE BOSS. Oklahoma is currently without an offensive coordinator, because the last two men who co-held that position brought six meaningless points against Clemson into their performance review. Oklahoma is now reportedly meeting with Sonny Cumbie, TCU co-OC, and if an offer is made best believe it'll be a healthy one. Maybe not Bob Shoop healthy, but what is?

GO HOME, SON. Vincent Testaverde is leaving Texas Tech and headed for Miami, where he will probably never play a meaningful down because Brad Kaaya's really good. But the important thing is that your fading tattoo is relevant once more!

ETC. You've shamed 60 Minutes, Steve Kroft. Everyone knows the pro move is to pull a Morley Safer and ass-guzzle 30 year old scotch. Minnesota goes way harder than it gets credit for.