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AND THEN THERE WAS ONE. As the storied tradition of college football demands, we cannot have the national championship until the sport's penultimate battle is waged. I'm speaking, of course, of the GoDaddy Bowl, in which Toledo had a back run for 271 yards, Arkansas State was all about big passing plays, and OH BIG MAN RUMBLING. Now we have no more bowl until the title game. Hope you're happy, corporate sponsors who wouldn't pony up so we could have a game in Argentina.

BOB STOOPS, AXEMAN. Oklahoma's co-offensive coordinator Jay Norvell? OUT. And that may just be the beginning of the Great Stoops Fire, which will end with Mike barricading himself in his office and insisting that he has enough jerky to outlast you for weeks. (He does, but he'll eat it all by hour five.)

GOVERNMENT FAILS AGAIN. It should be an easy decision for the elected officials of Oregon, Ohio to change the city's name, at least temporarily. And yet they do nothing. I guess loyalty can't be expected from a state with its own Toronto AND its own Ontario. #Disloyal #Dishonorable #DissectOhioAndShipItBackToCanada

CHANGE IS HARD. I mean, yeah, you might think going 7-6 and losing five games for the third season in a row when you hadn't done that since 2003 and well yeah this

would be cause for changes on a football staff, but you would be wrong, according to Virginia Tech's athletic director. Excited to see what Scot Loeffler does in year three. Let's see if we can only score 35 points all year and make a bowl!

R.I.P. When a public figure passes away, there are usually two ways they can be remembered. In the first, the focus is on that person's work - what they meant to their industry, how they did things others never thought possible. In the second, they are remembered for the kindness with which they treated those around them, whether or not they were close friends and family. Stuart Scott was the rare person who excelled in both those areas, and our thoughts are with his colleagues and daughters.

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