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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

If you have worked in an office setting of decent size, you know the hell that is trying to schedule a meeting for more than, say, three people. Tom can only meet after lunch but before a thing he has at three. Janet can be there if we meet right now like right right right now. Dennis isn't responding to this email chain at all. Fuck you, Dennis. We're trying to get everyone on the same page and you can't even check in.

But you don't have this problem, College Football Playoff. You can just say "the semifinals are on December 31st" and it will be so. ESPN wants you to move them to January 2nd? Too bad. Tell them a football game is 100,000 times better than any stupid New Year's Eve countdown show. (Except maybe the one with Pitbull.) Make them prove there are viewers who would rather watch pop stars freeze in the cold while surrounded by thousands of people who willingly chose to be locked in Times Square for 14 hours with minimal bathroom access.

You're worried about the NFL expanding the Wild Card Round and going up against the Championship Game? Then stop approaching this like a timid coworker trying to set up a time to go over the Powerpoint presentation and start acting like a bloodthirsty engaged couple. Nail down your venue and your date and then dare any of those other bitches to schedule something that conflicts. Send Roger Goodell two save the dates on purpose.