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2012 was a good year for offense and shhhh never mind about the defenses


There's a few glorious things about this first installment of preseason Lunch Theater. In the 2012 matchup between Louisiana Tech and the Aggies, Texas A&M commits no fewer than seven hundred penalties in this game, Louisiana Tech allows 678 yards offense to the Aggies. The Bulldogs allow Texas A&M to walk out to a 27-0 lead in the second quarter. For long stretches of this football game, there is nothing resembling sense, including the part where Quinton Patton decides that he will take no tackling, and catches 21 balls for 233 yards and four TDs.

And that kind of rank absurdity is how you get a game so long you have to break up the pirate video into two parts. Aggie fans yell loud enough to get Louisiana Tech false start penalties in their own field, Manziel rushes for 181 yards, and the game comes down to a doomed Bulldog two-point conversion attempt that somehow does not go to Quinton Patton. (Here's part two, if you want to see that and the frantic fourth quarter.) Almost 1300 yards of total offense and a finish time damn near one o'clock eastern? Oh, there is nothing sweeter than when Saturday invades Sunday and begins annexing the early morning for football purposes.

P.S. Who would have imagined Sonny Dykes would be largely indifferent to defense at Cal after watching this? WHO, WE ASK YOU?