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Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Grobe didn't leave Wake Forest on top, but he did accomplish a hell of a lot while he was there - tied for the most career wins in school history, as many bowl victories as every previous coach combined, and an ACC Championship. Despite his stumbles at the end, he must look back on his time in Winston-Salem fondl-

When asked if he regrets not taking the Nebraska job, Grobe doesn't hesitate. "I do now, I didn't at the time," he said.

Ok, sure, but he still had some amazing succ-

"I hate to say that Riley Skinner hurt us, because he won more games than any quarterback in Wake Forest history, but we ended up in a pro-style offense that didn't really fit us expect for Skinner," Grobe said. "We were throwing the ball every snap. We lost all that misdirection stuff. We just got stuck."

I mean, jeez, does Jim Grobe have anything positive t-

"But I can't go back in time. Trust me, I spent the last three seasons at Wake working on the technology. It's just not happening. I was going to find past me and tell him to be a ticket-taker on the railroad."

(That last one may be fabricated.)