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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what you need to know about Georgia Tech football: the last coach to make it to an 8th season with the Yellowjackets has the stadium named after him. Everyone since Bobby Dodd has either been fired or moved on to a better job before hitting the bronze anniversary. Paul Johnson's about to start year seven. Will this season end with a pink slip or with a championship celebration?

The Coastal Division's usually wide open for the taking, but Georgia Tech draws Clemson as one of its Atlantic opponents and has to head to Athens to face a Georgia team they've only beaten once in the last thirteen meetings. Johnson also hasn't coached his team to victory over a ranked opponent since 2011. On the other hand, he'll have a quarterback who doesn't hate the Triple Option and a secondary that should be improved on his side. It'd be a complete shock if Georgia Tech even managed to win the ACC, so let's go ahead and ask: can the Jackets somehow pull off the impossible and claim a national title in 2014? Before you answer, remember this - nobody picked Auburn to come within a couple minutes of the same last year.

Let's put the question to four-time Rose Bowl winner John Robinson.

EDSBS: Coach Robinson, talk us through the unlikely road that leads to Georgia Tech standing at the top when it's all done this year.

JOHN ROBINSON: I can't, because they won't.

EDSBS: Appreciate the time, Coach.