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Dan Kitwood

You want to believe that cities are different, that you choose one over another because it has superior schools or health care or cultural activities. You need to feel that you have agency over your life, and, that if one area doesn't suit you, you can pack up, move, and smile because things will be different in your new town. The entire notion of regional pride depends upon the concept of regional differentiation.

But you are wrong. Every place on Earth is the same, because they all have one thing in common: an abandoned house infested with bees.

St. Charles, Michigan has a house infested with bees.

Loureauville, Louisiana has a house infested with bees.

Fort Worth, Texas has a house infested with bees. So does Marshall.

Montgomery, Alabama? Bee house.

Palominas, Arizona? Also has a bee house.

There is an abandoned house full of bees in Florida. And another. And another.

So go ahead and argue that your city is so much better and cleaner and friendlier than that other city. We're all just moving from abandoned bee town to abandoned bee town.