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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

"Coach, thank for joining us today."

"My pleasure, Blam."

"It's been a real long road back to Louisville. What have you learned on the way?"

There's a lot of things in life that can get you beat, kid. Two aces in the hole. Standing between a mama grizzly and her cubs in the woods. Lightning.  Alabama. A moment's loss of concentration with a volleyball player on the back of your Harley.  It's a gauntlet of nutseeking missiles and weasels trained to go for the eyes, life. You don't always have the protection you want.

You don't always see the blitz coming, kid. That's what I should start off saying, if I were being real here. I should tell you to just keep going and doing the one thing you've got in life, and to lie about the rest. Just lie, son. Keep lying and putting the meat on that table even if you had to buy it from a man who sells it from an unrefrigerated van loaded with flatscreens. His name is Snake, and he's got ribeyes you'd swear were beef. What are they, if they're not beef? You won't ever know, but it kept you and your family fed for years. I'd tell you that's a pretty good rule for life, too: put enough ketchup on anything, and you'll swear it was filet mignon.

I'd tell you to never give up. That's not some hokey shit, kid. That's you with a knife half in my chest finding the strength to pull that bastard out and stab the man who thought you were easy meat. That's me telling you that when the repo man shows up you offer him your family's china and your wife's car to go away and tell them you died, and all your stuff got stolen by young punks in the neighborhood. That's me saying that the sweetest sound in the world is the werewolf catching your date instead of you: the sound of survival.

You can buy new things. You can get new jobs. Oh, that's the easiest part, kid: if you're a killer, a remorseless, sharklike killer with coal for eyes and an old Texas Instruments graphing calculator programmed by Satan for a heart, if you never sleep and live only for the kill, oh, you can always get another job. You can get new friends, a new family, a new life. You can't ever get another you, buddy, so that's the one you don't give up on, you hear? You never give up on your number one player. You never give up on you.

Life is shit, so be the fly, not the turd, kid.

[Petrino exhales]

Petrino: "I've learned to value people, Blam. People are what matter the most."