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Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

It's Friday afternoon and stop lying you're not even paying attention to that webinar shut up, so let's go ahead and RANK THE DIFFERENT SEATS IN A COMMERCIAL AIRPLANE (note: this only includes coach, so shut up with your "oh but these seats lie back and I get free paninis" nonsense). The below assumes all seats are taken and a standard three seats per row on each side of the plane.

1. Bulkhead aisle

2. Bulkhead window

3. Exit row aisle with reclining seat

4. Exit row window with reclining seat

5. First five non-bulkhead rows, aisle

6. First five non-bulkhead rows, window

7. Seat 17F

8. Bulkhead middle

9. Exit row middle with reclining seat

10. Exit row aisle without reclining seat

11. Exit row window without reclining seat

12. Seat 11A

13. Rear of the plane, aisle seat, close to the bathroom but not TOO close to the bathroom

14. Window seat version of the above

15. Exit row middle without reclining seat

16. Any remaining aisle seat

17. Any remaining window seat

18. Any remaining middle seat not in the last row

19. Last row middle seat

Have a nice weekend, kids. You'll totally work twice as hard on Monday.