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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Daisy had journeyed long and far across the untamed West, and she'd endured many hardships on the way. Fought off bandits, killed a pair of coyotes in the night, even saved her own leg from snake venom. These unsettled lands were not for the weak of spirit or body, and Daisy was certain she was made of some of the sternest stuff the Arizona Territory had ever seen.

Nothing could hurt her. Nothing could tame her. Until...TODDATHAN.

The minute she laid eyes on Toddathan J. Graham's form, she knew heartbreak was on the horizon. From his bristly silver hair to his roguish boots, he was every inch an irresistible cowboy.

"I'm gonna love you, Daisy," Toddathan told her. "But, one day, I'm gonna leave."

Daisy shuddered. Love was the one coyote she could not beat to death with a rock.