DC-Tariat: In town 25-28th, if anyone is around and free.


Greetings and salutations. As many of you know, IrisEyes and I will be moving to your neck of the woods soon, arriving in the beginning of August. Looking forward to getting out of Camp Swampy!!!! WOOO!!!!

I will be in DC next week, arriving the 25th and departing the 28th, for work/move stuff. I've been emailing with Elm City Horn and we're planning to get together Wednesday or Thursday evening for dinner. He suggested I open a Fan Post to invite any other DC resident Commentariat members to join us. I may also be open Friday evening, but right now want to hold that in reserve in case the new boss or coworkers have anything planned.

I'd prefer to keep any details of what I'm doing when on email, but if you're around and interested, drop a note here and we'll get in contact.

Kelly's Gyros

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